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How do I schedule surgery with Dr. Rose?

Except for emergencies, patients must have an evaluation in our office prior to scheduling surgery. Once the appropriate treatment is agreed upon, our surgery scheduler will talk to you about available dates for surgery and go over our pre-operative checklist. For convenience, follow-up appointments and therapy appointments are scheduled in advance as well.

What do I do the night before surgery?

Do not eat or drink anything after midnight the night before surgery, including hard candy, gum, or medications. Under certain circumstances, you may be allowed to take prescription medications with a small sip of water. Please discuss your medications with the pre-op nurse.

Can I drive myself home after surgery?

All surgical facilities will require a responsible adult to drive you home after same day surgery. The facility will not release you to a taxi or public transportation. If you need help finding a ride, we can advise you of medical transportation companies that provide this service.

What is the recovery time for my procedure?

Recovery times vary depending on the procedure. A discussion about recovery times is an important part of deciding to have surgery and this will be discussed at your office visit.

Can I travel after my surgery?

Dr. Rose strongly suggests postponing travel until at least two weeks after surgery to ensure they can be available to help you should any complications arise.

How does Dr. Rose manage pain after surgery?

This is a very important topic that has its own page. Please click here for details.

How much will surgery cost?

We pride ourselves on providing cost information for surgery in an accurate and timely fashion. We will estimate your surgical costs in advance at the time you schedule surgery. Payment of the estimated patient portion of expenses will be due in advance.

There are multiple factors that contribute to the cost of surgery, some of which we can influence and others that are beyond our control. Please keep the following in mind when evaluating the cost of surgery:

Fees for surgery come from multiple entities. Dr. Rose, the surgical facility, and the anesthesiologist may all have amounts due. While we are able to estimate Dr. Rose's portion of your bill, we do not control the facility costs or the anesthesia costs. We can, however, provide assistance with obtaining this information from these providers.

Each individual insurance plan has different benefits. We verify your benefits with your insurance company and take into account your deductible and coinsurance amounts to give you an estimate for surgery.

On occasion, surgery may be more complex than anticipated and involve additional procedures than those quoted. Fortunately, this is rare and when it does occur, Dr. Rose has the expertise to attend to the problem. Unfortunately, this can result in additional costs being incurred. Should this situation arise, we will always proactively communicate with the patient and minimize any additional expenses.

As can be seen from the above information, we work in a system where exact costs cannot always be provided in advance. Our remedy for this is that we strive to provide the most honest and accurate information possible and ask that our patients communicate with us whenever they have concerns. We can and will explain the process in as much detail as needed and will function as your advocate whenever possible.

Is Dr. Rose in-network with my insurance?

We are in-network providers for the vast majority of insurances. An up to date list is available here. We will inform you in advance when we are not in network for your insurance and discuss the effect of this on your surgical costs.

Are the facility and anesthesiologist in-network with my insurance?

The facilities and anesthesia groups with whom Dr. Rose works are in-network with all major insurance companies and most smaller ones. When we schedule surgery, our surgery scheduler will let you know of any potential issues with your insurance. If you’re unsure about coverage, we encourage you to ask us or to contact your insurance company.

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