Did Your Child Break a Bone? 5 Reasons to Visit an Orthopedic Surgeon

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Some of the most common fractures for children occur in the bones of the forearm, the ankle, or the elbow. While most broken bones can heal on their own with a cast or splint, some fractures are more complicated and may require surgery.

Here at Precision Bone and Joint in Austin, Texas, skilled orthopedic surgeon Harris S. Rose, MD, understands the importance of delivering the highest standard of care for your child’s fracture to ensure proper healing.

Did your child break a bone? Here are five reasons to visit Precision Bone and Joint.

1. Orthopedic surgeons are experts at treating broken bones

When a vital component of your car breaks down, you seek the expertise of a mechanic. So it only makes sense that when your child breaks a bone, you seek the expertise of an orthopedic surgeon. While children’s bones have an amazing capacity for healing, if the type of fracture they have isn’t accurately diagnosed and treated, you run the risk of allowing the bone to heal incorrectly. If this happens, your child could lose their range of motion in the affected area.

An experienced orthopedic surgeon can diagnose the type of fracture and treat it accordingly, so the bone can heal as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

2. Different fractures need different treatments

Bone fractures are not a one-size-fits-all injury, so your child needs a treatment that effectively heals their specific type of fracture. Children are prone to two types of fractures: greenstick fractures and buckle, or torus, fractures.

Greenstick fractures

A greenstick fracture is when your child breaks just one side of the bone, because the bone bends on the other side like a young, green tree branch.

Buckle, or torus fractures

A buckle, or torus fracture, happens when your child bends the bone in their arm or leg, but it doesn’t break. Instead, the bone may buckle outward on one side while the other side stays intact.

Other fractures children may experience include:

Dr. Rose and his orthopedic team specialize in treating all types of fractures, so you can be assured that your child’s bones will heal correctly the first time and prevent the need for additional surgeries or treatments in the future.

3. Growth plate fractures need special attention

If your child breaks a bone close to the growth plate — the area where the bone goes through rapid cell division as it grows — this becomes an important consideration in determining effective treatment methods.

Dr. Rose is familiar with the various treatments for growth plate fractures, and he will prescribe the best medical care for your son or daughter. Dr. Rose will closely monitor your child as the bone heals and make sure it heals properly.

4. Your child needs bone fracture repair for a complex injury

The goal of treating a broken bone is to return the bone to its original position. If your child’s fracture is severe, such as a compression or comminuted fracture, their injury may require surgery to put the bone in alignment before putting the bone in a cast.

Dr. Rose will evaluate the fracture, and if he determines your child’s injury needs surgical repair, he and his team expertly perform the procedure using screws, rods, or plates as necessary to hold the bone in place while it heals.

5. Your child’s broken bone isn’t healing properly

If your child suffered a broken bone, and you took them to the emergency room, the doctor on call may not have treated the injury correctly. If the emergency room doctor wasn’t an orthopedic surgeon, they may not have had the knowledge or expertise to correctly diagnose and treat the injury.

As a highly skilled specialist, Dr. Rose can assess the fracture to see how well it’s healing. If he determines that your child’s bone isn’t healing properly, he may recommend a new treatment plan and perform any necessary surgical corrections.

Beyond the initial diagnosis and treatment of your child’s fracture, Dr. Rose and his team may also prescribe physical therapy once the cast comes off to continue to strengthen the bone, restore motion, and alleviate pain.

For the highest quality medical care for your child’s broken bone, book an appointment online or over the phone with Precision Bone and Joint today.

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